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Regional LHN Diabetes Services

The regional LHN Diabetes Services are staffed by diabetes specialist nurses and allied health professionals, working in local teams. The aim of the Diabetes Service is to provide education, treatment information, support and assistance to promote health and wellbeing, and prevent complications and illness.

Diabetes Services are provided within a 'shared care' arrangement with the referring medical practitioner. Due to the geographical spread, services can be offered on site, via Healthdirect or via telephone link.

The Diabetes Specialist Nurses are either a:

Credentialled Diabetes Educatorô: is a Registered Nurse or Midwife who has completed a university post graduate certificate in diabetes management and education, and is recognised by the Australian Diabetes Educator's Association as an advanced practice health professional.


Diabetes Educator: is a Registered Nurse or Midwife who has an interest in diabetes education and may have completed additional training in diabetes management and education.

Services are prioritised based on the Diabetes Nurse Specialist Clinical Priority Tool and are available to:

Successful and effective diabetes self-management includes healthy eating, being active, monitoring (e.g. blood glucose and blood ketone), taking medication (e.g. oral and/or injectable, including insulin), problem solving, healthy coping and reducing risks.

In addition to considering these key areas, the Diabetes Specialist Nurse Services may also include:

To find your local regional LHN diabetes service in regional SA, please click HERE