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Type 1 diabetes

Initial Information

What is type 1 diabetes (Diabetes Service)


Your type 1 diabetes care plan (Diabetes Service)

Blood Glucose Monitoring in type 1 diabetes (adults) (Diabetes Service)   Updated 8 days ago

Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Flash Glucose Monitoring (Diabetes Service)   Updated 8 days ago

Physical activity and type 1 diabetes (Diabetes Service)

Insulin in type 1 diabetes - Basal bolus (Diabetes Service)

Basal bolus insulin in type 1 diabetes - Calculations (Diabetes Service)

Insulin pump therapy (Diabetes Service)   Updated 8 days ago

Insulin therapy and pumps (Diabetes Victoria)

Understanding insulin pumps – Information for people with type 1 diabetes (Diabetes Victoria)

Sick Day Management of Adults with Type 1 Diabetes (ADEA)

High blood glucose (includes sickday plan) (Diabetes Service)

High blood glucose insulin pump (includes sickday plan) (Diabetes Service)

Low blood glucose (Diabetes Service)   Updated 1 month ago

Diabetes Emergency Plan (NDSS)

Driving and diabetes (NDSS)

Driving and recent hypoglycaemia (NDSS)

Travel (Diabetes Victoria)


General foot care (Baker IDI)

Foot care for 'low risk' feet (Diabetes Service)  (under review)

Foot care for 'at risk' feet (Diabetes Service)  (under review)

For people with foot ulcers (Baker IDI)

Blood pressure (Heart Foundation)

Cardiovascular health (Baker IDI)

Australian Absolute Risk Calculator (Heart Foundation)

Cholesterol (Baker IDI)

Your eyes (NDSS)

Kidney health (Kidney Health Australia)

Diabetic neuropathy (Better Health Channel)

Sexual health (Diabetes Victoria)

Erectile dysfunction treatment (Diabetes Australia)

Oral health (Better Health Channel)

Children and adolescents

Caring for diabetes in children and adolescents – 3rd Edition (Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne)

Webcasts and educational DVDs (Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne)

As 1 diabetes (Diabetes NSW)

Transition (Diabetes Victoria)